Terry Hiller

Terry HillerTerrance “Terry” Hiller is a highly skilled litigator and Michigan attorney with over two decades of experience in practicing law. He was admitted to the Michigan bar in 1996 and has since built a reputation as a formidable advocate for his clients.


Terry’s legal career began after earning his law degree from the University of Michigan State Law School. Since then, he has focused his practice on litigation, representing clients in a broad range of legal matters, including personal injury, medical malpractice, and business disputes.


Terry’s deep understanding of the law, combined with his sharp analytical skills and attention to detail, make him an effective litigator in and out of the courtroom. He is known for his ability to navigate complex legal issues and provide innovative solutions to his clients’ legal challenges.


Beyond his legal practice, Terry is an active member of his community. He volunteers his time with local charities and organizations, and is committed to giving back to those in need.


With his wealth of experience and proven track record of success, Terry is a top choice for those seeking legal representation in Michigan. If you are facing a legal challenge and need a skilled litigator on your side, Terrance “Terry” Hiller is the attorney to call.