Mark Menczer

Mark Menczer is an accomplished attorney with a distinguished career in personal injury litigation. He has been admitted to practice law in Michigan since 1990 and in Florida since 1992, and has established himself as a highly skilled and respected legal professional.


Mark’s legal career began after he earned his law degree from the University of Michigan State Law School. He has since focused his practice on personal injury litigation, representing clients who have suffered injuries due to the negligence of others.


Throughout his career, Mark has been a fierce advocate for his clients, and his dedication to their cases has led to exceptional results. He has recovered countless millions of dollars for his clients, a testament to his unwavering commitment to achieving justice for those who have been wronged.


Beyond his legal practice, Mark is an active member of his community. He volunteers his time with local organizations and charities, and is committed to giving back to those in need.


With his wealth of experience and proven track record of success, Mark is a top choice for those seeking legal representation in personal injury cases. If you have suffered an injury and need a skilled and dedicated attorney on your side, Mark Menczer is the attorney to call.