John Maher – Meet our CTO

John Maher joined the Michael Jaafar Law Firm in 2018 to become their CTO. John is a powerhouse in the world of legal technology and is a hot commodity. He got his start in the world of technology over a decade ago when he began building WordPress sites for friends, family, and small businesses. Quickly realizing diverse and exciting opportunities inside the industry he dove whole heartedly into programming, learning front end, backend, and dev ops to sharpen his skill set and create incredibly intricate software at scale.


In 2018 he sold his first software package to a third party company and things would take off from there. Partnering with attorneys David Ienna and Michael Jaafar they set out on a quest to revolutionize the world of software inside the legal world and IntuiDesk would be born.



Powering their law firm from start to finish with a fully integrated phone system, employee reports, marketing analytics, billing, and full transparency across all areas of the business.



The journey would not end there, however, during this time Periods Zap Reports was born which would helped bankruptcy attorneys across the country instantly download Pay Stubs, Bank Statements, and Auto Insurance policies from their clients.



An Employee Retention Tax Credit software was also rolled out powering one of the largest ERC firms in the country.



The combination and marriage of marketing, business knowledge, and scalability built into each of these softwares created the basis of what John has deemed his “Rapid Development Framework” allowing him and the team to create impactful software in a fraction of time others can.



Currently John and the team are working on turning IntuiDesk into a SaSS platform to bring it out into the industry as the first all inclusive software powering law firm from start to finish while enhancing their experience and interaction with their clients.