Michael Jaafar, Founder of the Mike Jaafar
Law Firm, has been a dedicated family man
& accomplished attorney
since 2006.

Published Author

Our Founder, Michael Jaafar, has literally written the book on bankruptcy law. He is a contributing author of publications that attorneys across the United States use to learn about debt related laws, and argue on behalf of their clients against creditors.

In addition to having been published in the field of bankruptcy and consumer protection against creditors, Michael Jaafar and his team of accomplished attorneys have argued over 10,000 cases in court, and helped thousands of people achieve Debt Liberation as granted to them by the debt and credit laws of this country.


Fierce Attorney

Michael Jaafar, has been recognized by countless publications for his unprecedented accomplishments and ambitions as a fierce protector of his clients’ rights. He was on the cover of Attorney At Law magazine, and has been written about by USA Today, Forbes, Yahoo! & more.

Super Lawyers has ranked Michael Jaafar as one of the best attorneys for client rights in the country. All the accolades mean nothing to Michael, if his clients needs aren’t satisfied. That is why he and his team work tirelessly to ensure that creditors know that when Fairmax Law is on the docket, there will be no tolerance of intimidation or unlawful collections practices used against his clients.


Dedicated Family Man

Michael Jaafar, is a dedicated family man. His growing family consists of his wife and three children. He believes the most important job he has, is being a good father. Aside from his time working on client cases with his team, Michael enjoys various fitness activities, such as kayaking, hiking and boxing. He says his ultimate goal in life is to know that his children have been instilled with good character, solid morals, and an unmatched work ethic.

Michael takes it personally when families are attacked by bill collectors who willfully withhold information regarding the options a debtor has to get debt-free. His family-oriented focus is what drives him to fight for your Debt Liberation; because if you spend less time worrying about your debt, you spend more time reaching the goals that matter to you.